It’s Friday! Why does it feel so strange?

It’s Friday! Why does it feel so strange?

Stress dreams

I hate being late for anything. It’s a weird compulsion — stemming, no doubt, from my childhood and the fact that my dad’s former military.

For whatever reason, I’ve had similar stress dreams the past few nights. In each, the day of the week is different but the theme is the same, I slept straight through something important. Last night, I slept through the assessment I am supposed to be giving my students! That’s very unlike me.

And it stressed me out big time!


The worst part about the dreams is how I feel slightly strange for the rest of the day….  I feel so strange!


Nail polish color change

Felt like fire engine red for a change. The purple got really chipped really quickly. I don’t know what I did to make this happen, but I’m totally happy to change to this red!


*Please also notice how beat up my hands are.  I have no idea how I bumped my knuckles, but boy does it hurt!



It’s still summer!

Although I’m all about pumpkin muffins, sweaters, candles, and snuggling under a blanket, NC weather dictates shorts and sandals.

Who am I to fight it?


Today I’m wearing my traditional Friday uniform – casual school spirit themed wear.  This week it’s white shorts and a tee.  Love it!


What’s the weather like where you are?

Do you ever have stress dreams?

What are yours about?

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