How can it be Monday already?

How can it be Monday already?

It’s so hard to wake up after a long night of no sleep

Last night I made the mistake of enjoying a cup of coffee at 6:30 PM.  Like a Rookie!

Of course, this meant I was fully wired when it was time for bed — and I just rolled around and didn’t sleep until way too late.  I don’t know for sure how late, but it was late.

I can feel it in my eyes this morning that I was up too late last night.


All day today, I’ll be doing my most convincing “not a zombie” impression.  It’s this thing I do where I feel like a zombie; dead inside, no energy, lacking any real emotion due to fatigue… but then I also try not to project that this is how I’m feeling.  So I’m feeling like a zombie, but I’m trying not to let anyone know it.  Hence the “not a zombie” impression.


need more sleep….



American Assassin

Hubby and I had movie night Saturday.  This week was his choice – American Assassin.  Not the most creative and unpredictable movie I’ve ever seen, but certainly entertaining.  It’s about an American who, after suffering a tragedy, decides to take revenge and eventually ends up as a fully trained Assassin — Hence “American Assassin”.

The best part of the movie, for me, was checking the skill set the main character acquired and comparing it to my current list of skills to acquire.  There was one that stuck out to me and even hubby pointed it out — he did a muscle up!  There was a scene where he wanted to hide from some bad guys in this underground/sewer/maintenance area, so he jumped up and grabbed a pipe and used his upper body strength to muscle himself up and on top of the pipe to some duct work –safely out of view.

I want to be an assassin — or at least have the skill set to maneuver like one.  I can already do a handstand — using the wall for balance — so now I just have to work on pull ups, then chest to bar pull ups, and then the muscle up!




Today’s Ambitious Plan

The plan for today is to work (even if I’m basically a zombie), then hit the grocery store on the way home, bake a spaghetti squash, go for a run, then hit the gym.


If I get 75%-85% of this done, I’ll be a happy girl.


Last week was not a good running week– and I missed most of my loosely planned runs.  This week, I’m going to run at least twice — once during the week and once on the weekend.  Might as well get one of those runs out of the way early in the week, no?



What do you have going on today?

Did you sleep well last night?

What was the last movie you saw?  How was it?

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