Weigh in Wednesday – 9/20/17

Weigh in Wednesday – 9/20/17

Weekly Recap

Like all my weeks, this one was busy!

I’ve noticed that when I plan and start to prep, things come together a bit easier.  It also helps when hubby is on my same team.  Otherwise, it’s like playing soccer while he’s playing tennis.  Not even the same court/field.

Accountability time!

Check in time!   This week I’ll track calories and then the grams of Protein/Fat/Carbs… starting with my target.

  • Target– 1700 — 134/60/178
  • Mon —  1555 — 117/53/158
  • Tues —  1806 — 144/57/191
  • Wed —  1569 — 112/56/160
  • Thu  —  ???
  • Fri    —  1681 — 138/69/142
  • Sat   —  1383 — 106/45/126
  • Sun  —  1805 — 105/70/194

Thursday was a black hole — It started and ended bad and I can’t really remember what I had for dinner… so I’m going to leave the question marks.

Seeing it in black and white — that I was over my calorie target 3 out of the 7 days of the week, it’s no surprise that the scale today is a bit higher than I’d like!  My weight lost in 7 days is 1.8 pounds, but I’ve gained 0.4 pounds back in 90 days.   Gotta work on it!  I want my all time weight loss total to be 75 pounds!


Current food obsession — All things PUMPKIN

I made these pumpkin muffins the other day — and now I’m obsessed with them.  They aren’t super dense or super dry, they’re just right!

How was your week? 

Do you have a current food obsession?

What do you eat regularly?  Does it fit your macros?

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