Just for Fun Friday!

Just for Fun Friday!

Nail Shape?

Last weekend, as a treat, I got my nails done.  I still love the color and the sparkles!

What I’m noticing that I want to tweak is the shape of my nails.  As they grow, the blunt “squarish” shape of the ends really doesn’t flatter my chubby fingers.  In fact, I prefer the more rounded shape of my pointer finger nail (which just naturally happens, I think, due to wear and tear).


Tonight, I’ll be doing a bit of self care by giving myself a hand massage and a nail filing — to change the shape and shorten them just a bit.  I’m pretty active with all my teaching and working out — so longer nails don’t work in my lifestyle (though I envy all those girls who can make longer nails work for them!)


Apple Picking!

Tomorrow, we’re going apple picking for the first time!

We’ve been strawberry picking and peach picking — but now, APPLES!


We found a local place that has Fuji apples in season — and we’re hoping the crazy hurricane weather hasn’t hurt the crops too badly.


We have plans for those apples! :Apple Sauce, Apple Crisp, and Apple Cider!


We also have plans for donuts



What are you doing for fun today?

Any fun plans for the weekend?

What’s your favorite fun outing in the Fall?

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