Monday Matters!

Monday Matters!

If you’re like me, fun weekends also mean crazy eating weekends!  This weekend was tons of fun (date day with hubby, chill day at home!) — but it was also an epic eating weekend.



We started our Saturday with a really disappointing trip to an apple orchard.  We wanted to (1) pick apples to turn into apple crisp and apple pie, (2) get apple cider donuts fresh from the on site bakery, and (3) get some apple cider to take home.

When we got there, we were informed that there were no apples to pick. 🙁


Instead, you could purchase “pre-picked” apples for an exorbitant rate.  Where we’d normally pay $10 a bushel, they were charging $25 for a peck!!!  (For those that aren’t familiar, a bushel is way bigger and holds 4 pecks!  That means at this price, we would’ve paid $100 for a bushel instead of the usual $10).  NO WAY!


So we skipped the apple picking and headed to the bakery.   We were met with a sign that said, “no donuts today due to mechanical issues”.  I assume they meant the donut making machine was broken?  They had other baked goods to offer — but we didn’t drive 90 minutes for chocolate chip cookies… so we skipped that too.


If you’re keeping score, both (1) and (2) from the wishlist above were totally bust.  That left (3), and without it the whole trip was a total waste.  So we shelled out the also inflated $5.00 for a half gallon of fresh apple cider.  It was delicious — and hubby was really happy with it, so we trotted off to the car hoping to salvage the rest of the day.



Making lemonade…

When life handed us lemons (a very disappointing apple orchard) we decided to make lemonade!  We caught a matinee of Wind River (and used my hubby’s Movie pass to score a free ticket), got coffee and then hit dunkin donuts for a dozen to take home.  We weren’t going to let the orchard’s “Mechanical difficulties” keep us down!


A quick swing through the grocery store and we had a half peck of apples that we barely paid $4 for.  Looks like there’s still apple crisp in our future!


Monday Matters

I was told once to never skip a Monday with workouts or eating right.  Monday’s are a great chance to start fresh.  Review the last week and see what worked, what didn’t, and plan for the week accordingly.  I’m all about a Monday to start fresh!

I’m so grateful for today being Monday — even though I forgot my breakfast and broke my shoe on my way into work.  I’m grateful anyway because it’s all going to be okay.  It’ll all get figured out — and at the end of it all, I’m blessed!




How was your weekend?  

What’s your favorite part about Monday’s?  

Have you ever been let down by an apple orchard?

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