Tuesday’s Treats!

Tuesday’s Treats!

There’s no shortage of food related treats around my house this week:


That means I’m going to need to really focus on my non-food related treats this week, otherwise it’ll be hard to balance my macros!




Cooler weather always makes me want to dig into a yarn craft.  I can knit and crochet with the best of them, so I’ve decided to knit my hubby a pair of mittens for this winter.  It’s 90 degrees today, so it feels a little silly, but it’s super relaxing and keeps my fingers and brain active.


Video Games

I’m not a huge gamer, but I’ve been really into Destiny 2!  I’m a level 20 Hunter, but I have goals of unlocking all the stuffs!


Easy Run

I’m going to treat myself to an easy run.


Last week, there were two running workouts and both times I really pushed my pace.  This week, I’d really like a run that’s slow and easy — to just enjoy the feeling of the run in my legs and lungs.




How are you treating yourself this week?

What are your favorite food treats
What are you favorite non-food treats?

Do you even knit/crochet?  

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