Weigh in Wednesday — 9/27/17

Weigh in Wednesday — 9/27/17

Truth Time:

Today’s weigh in — 194.6

That’s up a pound from last week but only 0.2 pounds this month.

I know exactly why my weight is up again — it’s that I’m just eating whatever I want regardless of the portions/macros.


I recently went on a rant about grit — stick-to-it-iveness — and feel like it’s totally appropriate here.  When the going gets tough with my weight loss, I just give in.  I justify and rationalize why it’s not my fault and that I’m powerless, but that’s just not true.  The truth is that I just stopped feeling like it.

I started my weight loss journey over 6 years ago now — July of 2011 is when it first hit me (seeing family photos shook me to my core).  Back then I weighed 225 pounds and didn’t do a single thing as far as exercise (besides work on my feet all day).  I was always hot and nothing really fit well.

Since then I’ve started running and working out regularly, completed a handful of 5K’s, a 10K, a half marathon and a full marathon.  In each case, I set my mind on a goal and planned and planned and planned until I reached that goal.  I kept striving.  I didn’t give up — but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have to start over again.

In reality, I first downloaded the “couch to 5k” program back in 2006!  That’s when I first dabbled with the idea of running a 5k.  I wasn’t until 2012, 6 years later, that I actually reached this goal.

My weight is kind of similar.  I started doing weight watchers for free back in 2011.  I lost over 50 pounds before a stressful life event occurred.  I gave myself permission to eat crap, regardless of how my weight would fluctuate, just to self medicate.  I find myself doing this again, only there’s no stressful life event happening.

I know I have the grit to get this weight off completely.  I’m letting fear/stress/emotions be an excuse to give up.  That’s not who I am.

Side note: this pic was taken two years ago… I’ve been basically at this weight for two years?!?

Renewed purpose

Currently, I’ve been switching back and forth and back and forth between various weight loss apps/approaches.  Sometimes I’ll use weight watchers, other times I’ll track my macros.

I can honestly say I feel the most successful when I’m doing weight watchers to fidelity.  It’s what’s worked in the past (before I completely quit the program or began to cheat) and I’m confident it would work again if I get my mind right.  Since it’s basically the ultimate IIFYM plan, I’m going to use it to find a handful of meals that I can eat regularly and know will work.

My long term plan is to use weight watchers (points plus) to get to my goal weight of 150.  Once I’m in maintenance, I’ll switch to tracking calories to find what works to keep my weight at goal.  Once I’m at goal, my long range plan to is stick to within 5% of my goal weight for the long haul.  Bonus points for dropping even lower!  As a timeline, I’m setting the goal of losing 5 pounds per month (just around a pound per week).  This would mean I should be at goal weight in about 9 months — or just in time for summer.  I’ll then give myself 6 months (the remainder of 2018) to figure out weight maintenance before I check back in and see if I need more time with maintenance.

I may have to stop using My Fitness Pal and switch to my weight watchers app so that I’m not having to do double duty.

What are your health/fitness/weight goals? 

Do you ever get discouraged and quit? 

Do you ever feel like you need a renewed sense of purpose to move forward?

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