A camping we will go!

A camping we will go!

Just for Fun this week, we’re going camping!


Hubby, myself, and my doggie are all packing up and heading to Morrow Mountain State Park (here in NC) for a weekend of camping and trails!


It’s supposed to be really gorgeous weather for camping and campfires — high in the mid 70’s, lows in the 50’s.


Meal Plan:

Since we are leaving after work, we plan to eat dinner on the road (probably chick fil a) and then set up camp once we arrive.  The plan for the night is s’mores and snacks!

Saturday, we plan to start off right with a Dutch Oven Breakfast Casserole, then have hot dogs and chips with veggies for lunch, and for dinner a BBQ Chicken and potatoes situation made in the dutch oven.  For dessert, we’re going to make an apple cobbler that we hope will keep for the next day.


Sunday, we plan to throw a few scotch eggs in the fire while we tear down camp and then munch on them while we drive back home.  I’ll also throw in a few sandwich roll ups in case the car ride makes us hungry.



What’s your plan for the weekend?

Do you ever go camping?  If so, what are your “go to” camping meals?



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