Camping and now a cold

Camping and now a cold

Camping this weekend was amazing!! We had a great weather and it was a great clean campsite with tons of other campers!’

The Morrow Mountain State Park Was an ideal first camping site for our little family



The tent was an online purchase — something we got on sale for a steal!  It’s actually an 8 person tent — but we got it for our little 2 person + 1 dog family so we can invite friends.  Now that we’ve had a test run, we’ll know how to set it all up in not time!


Sadly, now that I’m home I’m all sneezy and runny-nosy and head ach-y…. anyone else get sick after a camping trip?

What did you do this weekend?  

Have you ever been camping?  

What’s your favorite part of the outdoors?

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