Tuesday’s treats — 10/3/17

Tuesday’s treats — 10/3/17

How is it already October?

Does anyone else feel ambushed by Fall?

I just know that as soon as I start writing “10” for the month, I’ll look up and Christmas will be here.  Going to VOW to make the most of my October and this whole Fall season before it’s too late!  As much as I love winter and all the family fun that holidays bring, I just don’t want to rush it.

This week’s treats are geared totally for (1) Fall and (2) my sick face!

New Nail Color

I was too icky feeling to drag myself to the nail salon — so I decided to file down the glittery gel mani that I had.  I filed it down a bit so it’s not so thick and so it’s harder to tell where the gel stops and the new growth starts.  Then I topped with what I thought was a slightly fall color — it’s a dusty rose color.

I’m loving it!

The thin layer of leftover gel towards the tips is providing a bit of extra strength and support (which I love, since it prevents my brittle nails from cracking/chipping/peeling).

White Bean Turkey Chili

Whenever I’m feeling a bit gross, like I am today, I crave soup.  Specifically, my mom’s seaweed soup.  The problem with making a batch of the stuff is that I’m the only one who’ll eat it — and a single batch makes something like 18 servings!!

So I usually go without.

This week, I pleaded with hubby to find some kind of soup for our meals to scratch this itch.  Turns out Turkey Chili sounded good to him too!

Hubby actually requested that we try a new recipe  — and it sounded amazing so we’re trying it.  It’s a skinnytaste recipe found here.

Pumpkin Bars

A sweet friend sent over a few of her homemade pumpkin bars for me!  I scarfed two of them down this morning for breakfast — before taking a picture — so sadly, there’s no evidence.  But how sweet!! Right?

How are you treating yourself this week?  
When you’re sick, what kind of treats do you crave?
What colors scream fall to you?

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