Weigh in Wednesday – 10/4/17

Weigh in Wednesday – 10/4/17

Happy Wednesday everyone!  It’s Weigh in Time!


I have to admit, when I stepped on the scale today I was a bit disappointed — I weighted 194.8 when last week I weighted 194.4.  To me, this is like a gain of 0.4… but then I remembered I use Happy Scale for this very reason.  I had really low numbers most days last week, but after camping and feeling poopy my weight shot up.


My moving average is 193.5 and last Wednesday it was 193.7 — so that’s a loss of 0.2.  I’ll take it!



Renewed Purpose — as a team!

Hubby hit up the doctor’s for his annual check up and learned that the scale just keeps creeping up… about 5 pounds higher than his all time heaviest.  This gave him a renewed sense of purpose as well!  He doesn’t want to be the biggest he’s ever been!


We had an honest discussion about what bad habits we allowed to creep back into our lives:  Eating out, soda, out of control portions, and desserts/treats in excess.  We take “cheat meal” and turn it into a whole weekend event.  It’s time to re-evaluate and adapt!


I’m so glad to have hubby on board!!!  It’s so interesting because our styles and approaches are so different.  I would rather track each bite and have the ability to eat anything from anywhere (hence Macros, WWPP, etc…).  He would rather not have to measure and track.  We settled on a hybrid approach which mirrors the old Weight Watchers Simply Filling technique.  Where we eat from a set list of foods (that was tweaked with our fitness goals in mind) but don’t have to stress about calories or points.

There’s a whole set of healthy habits we’ve forgotten that really need to come back — so I’ve decided to make a list of goals specifically geared towards healthy habits.


Goals — Healthy Habits!

  • Know your hunger — don’t let it sneak up on you!
  • Know your fullness — don’t over stuff!
  • Know if you’re eating due to emotions or boredom!
  • Plan the weekly menu – based on our Family’s Power Foods list which puts whole/clean foods first
  • Plan your “cheat” meal — once per week, but don’t over do it!
  • Eat lunch — as the biggest meal of the day
  • Drink lots of Water each day
  • Chew your food!
  • Start with the required portion of food — if you’re still hungry, get more
  • Don’t keep cheat or binge type foods in the house



What are your healthy habits?  
How do you keep focused on goals?
Have any tips for me?

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