Thursday things — my life in lists.

Thursday things — my life in lists.

I have a confession:  I’m a list maker…

As I flipped through my bullet journal, I notice how many lists I make.  Each day, each week, and each month… lists and lists and lists.  Anyone else?


I guess I treat lists like a way to organize my brain dump and to be able to see what I’m dealing with.


My latest example of this is my Family’s Power Food List (it’s a personalized Simply Filling and Abs Diet food list, catered to our family’s tastes and preferences).

I used this list to compile a bank of recipes to help make meal planning easier:

My plan is to add to it as we try new recipes and make stuff up.


I’ve also found that writing down meal plans makes it easier for me to refer back to previous weeks.  I also find it’s easier to notice patterns and to plan — so I started writing down my tracking.  I’m using an app to find the points, and to keep track of the day to day, but I log the plan all out here first.  You’ll notice a few scratched out lines, as plans changed, but all in all it’s been nice to see it all laid out.



When I first started Weight Watchers, I used a similar approach.  I tracked my meals in my day planner, so it was all done by hand.  This meant that I kept up with my points myself and planned out the evening earlier in the day.  I’m all about going back to what works, so I’m going to try this for a week before shifting to the Simply Filling approach with hubby.


Do you ever use lists? 

What types of lists do you make? 

Are you more of a pencil/paper person or do you prefer to use an app?

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