Just for Fun Friday — October Bucket List

Just for Fun Friday — October Bucket List

Inspiration: Seasonal Living Lists: Paper & Glam

September Bucket List

Last month, I compiled a list of fun, fall themed activities/treats/to-do’s for myself.  I’m happy to announce that I was able to check each item off my list!

It was so fun to put fun first!

In order to hit everything on the list, I had to purposefully plan in activities.  It made me keep in mind fun things as well as work and home and responsibilities.


October Bucket List:

This month, my bucket list is crammed full of more fun fall things — with a Halloween Twist!  I’ve even challenged hubby to a pumpkin carving contest — we’re going to carve one huge pumpkin.  He’ll carve one side and I’ll carve the other and put both sides up on social media for our friends to pick their favorite.  The winner gets a prize (to be determined).

  • Taco Day – Oct 4th (observed early for Taco Tuesday!)
  • Kale Day – Oct 7th  (hubby thinks we should skip this one)
  • Create a Halloween Playlist
  • Try a new Pumpkin Recipe
  • Make Rice Krispie Treats! Or roast pumpkin seeds
  • Eat a Caramel Apple
  • Pasta Day Oct 25th
  • Pumpkin Day Oct 26th
  • Chocolate Day — Oct 28th
  • Halloween Movie Marathon


Just for Fun — Today!

Today starts the Halloween movie marathon.  I plan to stream the crap out of my netflix and watch as many scary movies as I can — until I can’t stand it anymore!


Complete with a bowl of popcorn and a blanket to hide under when the movies get too scary – of course.



What are you doing for fun today? 

What things would you put on your October Bucket List? 

What Halloween movies are your favorite?


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