I PR-ed my Mile Time!!!

I PR-ed my Mile Time!!!

It’s Marathon Monday and I’m so excited to share that I PR-ed my mile time!  It was only by a few seconds, but it counts!


Mile Run Times

  • First ever mile time: 12:32 on 1/22/12
  • 2013 best mile time: 11:42
  • 2014 best mile time: 12:18
  • 2015 best mile time: 14:06
  • 2016 best mile time: 15:30–marathon training, all runs were slow!
  • 2017 best mile time: 10:05!!

As you can see, I didn’t really work on pace for the majority of my running career — I worked on adding distance.  Turns out, for me to add distance meant slowing way down.

Now I do much more crossfit — which requires shorter runs done at a high level of intensity.  I credit this with my improved mile time!


Hubby shaved a few seconds of his mile time also — he was not as happy or as proud, since he wanted to shave minutes off his time, but I was still really encouraged by his progress!


My new goal is to get a 9 minute mile.  I know it’ll take a while to work on so I have several baby steps to get me there: 15 second increments!

First I want to run a mile in under 10 mins… then under 9:45… then under 9:30… then under 9:15… then under 9 mins.


I’m all about small steps, so I’ll take any time off the 10:05 as a win!



What’s your mile time? 

When was the last time  you did a mile run test? 

How do you stay fit?  

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