Tuesday’s Treats — 10/10/17

Tuesday’s Treats — 10/10/17

Time with friends

This week’s most favorite-est treat is going shopping with my friend!  We have to pick out gifts for a few of our mutual friends, so we’re taking an afternoon and making it happen.  I’m always so grateful for time with friends — as I feel that it helps me take off my Negative Nelly hat for a while.


It’s been really crummy here lately — as far as the weather goes — and something about life has just run me ragged.  Life’s been good, and I’m lucky, I’m just SOO TIRED!!!  I have a feeling it’s a combination of too much fun and not enough boring sleeping in days.


Fix the chipped polish

I’m hoping to get around to fixing my super chipping/messy polish job.  I gave myself a manicure last week and it’s just not holding up in the gym and office.  I’m considering another red manicure, but maybe more of a cherry red instead of a ox blood maroon.


Hot Tea & Movies!

Lastly, I plan to treat myself today by snuggling up with a hot cup of tea or coffee and a movie.  I just need to snuggle and chill to recharge.  Between this and time with friends — I should be right as rain!



How are you treating yourself this week?

Cherry red or Ox Blood Maroon?

What’s your favorite way to chill and recharge?

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