Weigh in Wednesday 10/11/17

Weigh in Wednesday 10/11/17

My weight this week:

I was so pleased when I stepped on the scale this week and weighed in at 190.4.


That means its working!


What are we eating?

We are still eating mainly from out Family Foods List — we’re just going to keep on going.


We haven’t been perfect — but it’s super encouraging that hubby is coming up with ideas for heathier versions of whatever he’s craving.


Meals this week:

A few of the meals this week include:


I found the first two recipes and hubby found the last one to have while watching football this weekend.  Hubby was craving “tailgating” or “super bowl watching” foods — like buffalo wings, pizza, etc…  So I’m going to make healthy homemade pizza, this buffalo chicken dip, and have plenty of veggies on the side.



How was your weigh in this week?

What foods do you normally eat from week to week?

What’s on the menu at your house tonight?

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  1. My costco go-to’s include greek yogurt, spinach, cheesesticks, and frozen vegetables. Today I bought some liquid egg whites and pea-based protein powder for some protein oomph. Great job with your weigh-in!

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