Thursday Things — Pumpkin Carving Challenge

Thursday Things — Pumpkin Carving Challenge

October is all about Scary Movies, Pumpkin Spice everything, and all things “sweater weather”.  October also means pumpkin carving and trick or treaters!

This year, I’ve decided that hubby and I are going to do a “thing” — a pumpkin carving contest!


We’ve invited friends to join us — and they requested real rules to be written up.  So I have them below.


Who Carved it Better?

Carve the best looking pumpkin this world has every seen — on your side of the pumpkin
1. Both participants will procure a single pumpkin to share – each only carving their “half”
2. Marks will be made to denote “half” the pumpkin — to designate an area for each participant
This can be done using markers or tape or by carving zones, whatever each couple decides for their own pumpkin
3. Both particpants will work together to hollow it their pumpkin (saving pumpkin seeds for roasting).
4. Based on a coin toss, one participant will work to carve their “half” of the pumpkin
Time Cap: 30 mins (…and not a second more Eric!)
While the one participant carves, the other must wait their turn (no gauking!)
Participants cannot act to sabotage their opponent’s side (be fair — you big cheater!)
Both opponents must take care to maintain the overall structural integrity of the pumpkin (no cave-ins please)
No tampering with opponents side (Looking at you Eric)
Can use any tools, templates, accessories — as long as you bring them yourself (ha! You’re a tool!)
No paint or spray paint or puff paint (or any paint — sheesh)
No glitter (don’t bring that craft herpes anywhere near my pumpkin!)
Trash talk starts 4 days out!
Pictures will be posted without name of carver (so your mom can’t play favorites and vote for me).
Voting will last 24 hours — pumpkin with most votes, Wins!
Winner earns epic treat and the bragging rights for one calendar year. Loser cannot have any epic treat (no sharing) nor go and get their own epic treat for AT LEAST 4 days after!

Epic Treat?

I’m thinking an amazing cupcake — over the top delicious donut — or something along those lines.


What do yo think?

Do you ever have pumpkin carving contests?

Do you save and roast the seeds?


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