Just for Fun Friday — I’m a zombie

Just for Fun Friday — I’m a zombie

For whatever reason, I could not settle my brain last night.  My thoughts kept leaping from one thing to the next without giving me a break to calm down and fall asleep.  I tried reading, watching brainless tv, sitting in the dark, counting sheep, and even some warm milk.


By 3 am I had tried everything — and even a grilled cheese sandwich snack — and was finally able to catch a few z’s.  Sadly, I was wide awake again by 8am, so I’m running on around 5 hours of sleep.  Normally, I get between 7 and 8 hours — so my head feels squishy and weird being attached to my neck.


For fun today, I’m going to make these blueberry scones and enjoy them with a giant cup of coffee!   These scones will be a change from my usual oatfit + apple morning combo — but I figure I’d save the easy to fix oats for work days and enjoy my day off.


Did I mention I have today off???  It’s Fall break, so I lectured Wednesday and then won’t have to lecture again until Monday!  WOOT for long weekends!

Other Fun

Despite my zombie status, we’re still planning a workout tonight.  It’ll probably terrible/awful/no good/very bad — but I’m hoping it’ll wipe me out so I can fall fast asleep tonight.  Dinner plan is Subway on the way home from the gym *isn’t hubby the best for letting this slide?*  So after the workout and picking up dinner, it’s straight into the shower and then some jammies.  Sleep is what I need!


This weekend is a “scheduled at home” weekend for hubby and I.  It’s a new thing where we’re just so slam packed that we started to schedule time for us to be at home to take care of chores and housework.  This also gives us a chance to bond with our doggy and make sure he remembers us.  Also, it’s a great opportunity to catch up on sleep and recharge — since we usually limit runny around/errand-type-stuff to whatever’s in town.

We make due, or do without.



What are you doing for fun this weekend?

Anyone else feeling sleep deprived?

What do you do when you can’t fall asleep?

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