Marathon Monday — It’s my Runniversary!

Marathon Monday — It’s my Runniversary!

That’s right — today marks my 1 year Marathon Runniversary!


Exactly one year ago today, I ran my first ever full marathon!!  I finished dead last and the race organizers would clean up the course as I passed!  *How embarrassing!*

So many early mornings, hot runs, long runs, and exhausted rest days…


So many things went wrong:

  • Streets were flooded due to Hurricane Matthew so the course was changed and re certified last minute
  • Volunteer Teenagers that were supposed to stand at the changed map and point out the directions to turn flaked out and left!
  • I ended up with flooded shoes at mile 14 which caused HUGE blisters over the entire sole of my feet
  • Ran out of water at mile 20-22ish.
  • Felt like totally quitting — mile 22-24 were hell
  • The course was mismarked (as mentioned above) so by my Garmin I actually ran 27.1 miles instead of 26.2!

All these things went “wrong” but I persevered!

I didn’t let the flooding and downed branches stop me!  I made it into a game!

I didn’t let me feet get to me — They were going to be torn up anyway!

I didn’t get discouraged when I made wrong turn after wrong turn!  Later in the race, the Director actually came by in his truck and led the way and encouraged me the whole time!

I didn’t quit — I called my support system, my amazing hubby and let him be my cheerleader!  I believed in myself and didn’t give up!

I didn’t get mad about running an extra little leg — I took it as a bragging right!  I did nearly an extra mile — as a victory lap!



I can do hard things

Looking back, I’m amazed at myself… and I’m allowing myself to be amazed at what I accomplished.

I’m also amazed at my incredible support system — my hubby, specifically!  Without his encouragement, cheering me on, and physically bringing me things like fuel and water — I couldn’t have ever done it.


I can do hard things.


This gives me confidence that, as long as I keep chipping away at it, I can accomplish any task!  Thinking back on this makes me inspired to move forward towards my current goals.  I’m totally into Crossfit and working out, but running will always be apart of me.  As the fall weather rolls in I can’t help but to want to log a few miles!




When’s your Runniversary?

Do you celebrate big races?

How do you keep inspired to achieve your goals/Dreams?

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