Tuesday’s Treats!

Tuesday’s Treats!

It’s 47 degrees here this morning!  That’s a treat in and of itself!

To take advantage of it, I’m planning a few fun things for the day!

Get moving

Originally, I planned to run a few miles — but my Garmin died and needs to charge up first.  Looks like that’ll have to wait until later… maybe it’ll charge super fast and I can still go a bit later this morning (or later this week?)

Last night’s Crossfit workout was a long one – a 750 m row, 200 single unders, 30 overhead squats, and 30 over bar burpees.  It took me 14:02 to finish and at the end I was totally out of gas.  Maybe my dead Garmin is just a sign that I should do a bit of yoga and housework and call the day a rest day?



My nails are currently chipped and gross — so it’s time for a fresh coat of paint!  I’m thinking of a purple color in honor of Halloween — it’s a deep purple that reads almost black, so we’ll see how it looks on.  Nothing like an at-home manicure to perk up the spirits.



Lots of Hot Drinks

When it’s cool like this I can’t wait to dive into a hot cup of coffee or tea.  I love the warmth it gives and somehow each sip perks me right up!


Fun with Friends

As mentioned previously, I’m attending a bit of a get together with a few friends to carve pumpkins and grill out and have overall a great time.



What are you doing for fun today?

What’s your favorite color for fall polish?

Do you prefer coffee or tea?

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