Thursday Things — I forgot to take pictures

Thursday Things — I forgot to take pictures

I forgot to take pictures!

I can’t believe it!  Hubby and I completed the pumpkin carving challenge, but I don’t have any pictures!  We carved at a friend’s house and left them on their porch for decorations, so we have nothing to show for all our hard work. 🙁

It was super fun though — I carved up my side of the pumpkin in 3 minutes while hubby took hours and hours.  His side is way more detailed and perfect but mine fully captures the traditional jack-o-lantern feel of a good carved pumpkin.  Nothing fancy, just a face.

Korean Moms & housework

Needless to say, I was raised by a Korean Mom.  If you don’t have your own Korean Mom at home, you most likely don’t fully understand what it means to grow up with one in the house.  My mom was all about things neat and clean.  She was constantly cleaning up something or making something better… but at the same time she collected clutter.  I don’t know if this juxtaposition make sense in a single person, but the irony is not lost on me.

The same woman who would “declutter” our toys and “junk” regularly had odd objects that she treasured:

  • She could never throw out a bottle — why throw it out when it can be recycled?
  • She could never get rid of a gift — what if they ask about it when they visit?
  • She could never use a ziplock bag just once — you can wash it and reuse it, otherwise you’re being wasteful

I think having a mom like this, who cleaned constantly, made me not want to clean constantly.  As a rule, I like a tidy house — but it doesn’t have to be white glove spotless.  Since I own a dog and have a giant for a hubby, things just don’t stay spotless and I’ve adjusted my cleanliness standards to make room for grace and happiness in my life.

I kind of let things slide until I notice the dirt and then “super clean” in big spurts.

This is usually not an issue — we don’t entertain house guests because our place is just too small and our dog isn’t super social.  I’ve only started thinking about it lately because it’s really a lot of work to clean on those big spurt days.  I’d rather do a little each day and then call it good.


Fly Lady?

I’ve heard tell of a so called “Fly Lady” that helps you get a tidy house with routines and schedules.  As a fan of routines and schedules, I’m all for it!

Gonna work on getting a cleaning routine together today…. then probably clean the base boards.


What’s your cleaning routine?

Are you more of a neat freak or a clutter bug?

When’s the last time you’ve cleaned your baseboards?



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