Just for Fun Friday!

Just for Fun Friday!

Just for fun this weekend — we’re balancing all the work we have to do with my three favorite things.


I love breakfast foods!

Hubby loves sleeping in on the weekend!


What better way to merge these to loves than with a Saturday morning brunch!  We’ve decided to go to one of our favorite brunch stops in the next town over — where their specialty is all things crepes. They have sweet crepes and savory crepes and the best coffee any speeding waitress could pour.  The best part?  It’s a one of a kind local joint that only opens for breakfast/brunch.  They don’t have a lunch menu and they don’t serve dinner.

If you don’t want a crepe, don’t go here.


Hubby likes to indulge in one savory and one sweet crepe.  I prefer the savory crepes, but will pick at the sweet ones.  He likes his sweet crepes REALLY sweet — like topped with Nutella and Ice cream and lots of whipped cream.  I’m more of a “slightly sweet” lover — where a crepe is more like a pancake with fruit on it than a dessert sundae.


Either way, I’m super happy we’ve managed to schedule in brunch!



As mentioned above, we’ve had to schedule our fun around work.  Even though this seems a bit weird — I’d rather schedule in some pre-planned fun than have no time leftover once the work is done.

For fun this weekend we’ve decided to catch a matinee.  Hubby and I love movies — our first date was dinner and a movie — so we figure after brunch and before our work has to start, we’d catch a quick noon-ish flick.

We’re trying to decide between Death Day, the new Kingsman movie, or the movie about fighting fires in California.  Hmmm…


Early night!

The very last bit of fun we plan to squeeze into our otherwise packed weekend is an early night.  Most of the work we have to do Saturday night can be done safely from home in our PJ’s — it’s mostly computer work — so we’re considering the added home/PJ time a treat!

We plan to leave the movie and head straight home — where we will immediately change into PJ’s and grab our laptops to work from the comfort of our own bed!



I know it doesn’t seem like much fun — but hubby and I rarely have the chance to work from the same space.  Usually we’ll both do our weekend work at our respective offices — that are 30+ minutes apart.  Instead, we planned to both bring home all the work we have to do and do it in the same place at the same time while wearing Pajamas!

We’re calling this brilliant idea “word bed”.



What are you doing for fun this weekend?

Do you schedule in your fun or wait for free time to just have fun “off the cuff”?

Which movie should we see??

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