Why do things never go as planned?

Why do things never go as planned?

No brunch

Our favorite brunch place was closed for renovations!?!?


How could this be?  We checked their website and social media accounts THAT MORNING as well as the night before and there was NO indication that any closing of any kind would be experienced.


Instead we tried a new place — and it was overpriced and not very good.  Later in the day I experienced some tummy troubles that could only be caused by that meal 🙁


No Movie

After killing time between our failed brunch and the movie, hubby decides it’s time to check in using his Movie Pass app — for the 12:40PM movie we wanted to see.  Of course, the app wasn’t working so we couldn’t check in and get our tickets.


We didn’t want to pay for our tickets, after having shelled out some dough already for our overly priced brunch-replacement and the Movie Pass subscription, so we decided to catch it another day.  To drown out our sorrows, we hit the office supply store for new pens and then grabbed some Starbucks before getting Panera to go for lunch *we were going to have it as a late lunch after the movie — but that didn’t happen 🙁 *.



Silver lining

I got a caramel apple!


We killed time between the worst-brunch-ever and the 12:40PM movie we had hoped to see by doing some grocery shopping.  While browsing the isles, I spotted a store-made caramel apple coated in chopped peanuts that looked PERFECT.  It was a buy one, get one sale so hubby and I each grabbed one as a “Bad Saturday” consolation prize.


I can’t believe we skipped our morning workout for this!



Could’ve been worse…

Our luck was not great, but it was far from bad.  We made it home safely, I made a huge pot of Chicken + Brown rice soup, and settled in to do some work and relax.  Later in the day, we realized just how lucky we were when we heard from our family in Indiana.  They had been out of town for weeks and the WHOLE TIME their automatic ice machine’s water line had been spewing water into their kitchen!


Needless to say, the whole kitchen and most of the basement was under inches of water.  Totally flooded walls, warped floors, and ruined carpet awaited them almost as soon as their plane landed.




Homeowner’s insurance to the rescue!  All is being righted… but it’ll be weeks before their house is totally normal again. 🙁




How was your weekend?

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing goes to plan?

Have you ever had any of these home-owning disasters?  How did you deal?

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  1. 🙂 Your article has great perspective. There’s a quote, “If we all threw our problems into a pile and saw everyone else’s we’d grab ours back” that gets me through rougher days. Happy Monday!

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