Tuesday’s Treats

Tuesday’s Treats

Yesterday was a bad mood day.  For whatever reason, probably because I’m a week away from my period or because I was tired and run down for a Monday, I was just a crabby and mean lady!

As I was doing normal chores — as I’m trying to keep a clean house — I grew resentful at the person who made the mess (poor sweet hubby).  He doesn’t really know when to pick up after himself — he’s swears he was “Just about to get to it” or was “going to do it later” and doesn’t understand why I have a sense of urgency.  It’s just the way he was raised I think.


Today’s treats

There’s actually a lot going on today — oil change, laundry, work, etc… but we’re going to squeeze in a few treats:

  • Pumpkin spice smoothie
  • Morning run
  • Movie night with friends
  • Maybe out to eat dinner before movie?
  • POPCORN with extra butter and ranch powdered seasoning… MMMMmmmm


What are you up to today?

How are you treating yourself?

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