Thursday things

Thursday things

My life is still a series of lists…

Behold my housework master list (rough draft).  Isn’t it gorgeous!??



The FlyLady is all about building routines, so I’ve also downloaded her free app to my phone and have set up morning and afternoon routines as well as a before bed routine.  I’m piloting them this week — then I’ll reflect/tweak and try again next week.



So far, I’ve had a clean sink EVERY NIGHT since mid last week.


In fact, I haven’t had a sink full of dishes to do since I started to embrace this whole “clean a little bit at a time, but often” thing.  I’m SO loving it.


The app offers a daily project — that usually doesn’t take more than 15 minutes.  In the future, I’ll get better with those, but for now I’m happy that there’s progress and that I’m not stuck in a situation where I have full days of cleaning each week.  Instead, it’s a bit here and a bit there.



Halloween Movie Marathon!

Here’s how my Seasonal Living list for October is going:


I celebrated pumpkin day today with a delicious Pumpkin Spice Smoothie!  YUM!



This weekend, the plan is to celebrate Chocolate day with a slice of my favorite Chocolate Almond Pie!


For the Movie Marathon — we’re going to knock one or two movies off per day until Halloween! 😀



How’s your week going?

Did you celebrate Pumpkin day or Pasta Day?

What types of lists do you make?

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