Just for Fun Friday — REDO!

Just for Fun Friday — REDO!

This weekend is our attempt at a “redo” from last weekend’s “nothing going to plan” situation.


First up — Gym

My plan here is to really get a great workout in.  This week did not go as planned (normal MWF schedule) as Wednesday I was totally pooped and so I missed my workout!  I think it’s because I ran Tuesday a bit longer than I planned and then stayed up late for fun times with friends.


Here’s my workout program:

*Warm up — Squat flow, Shoulder flow, 400m Run

*Strength — Bench Press — build to one rep max

*Auxiliary — work on Pull ups

*MetCon — 50-40-30-20-10 Double unders and Sit ups


Gonna get after it!!




Then FUEL!

After the gym, we’re going to quickly refuel with Pumpkin Smoothies — and then hit up my favorite restaurant for lunch!  Gonna get chicken tacos and guac — with chocolate almond pie for dessert & to celebrate Chocolate Day!


If all goes according to plan, I’ll snag a quick coffee before a movie — then have a light dinner at home.




Snuggles + Movies

As mentioned yesterday, I have quite a few movies left to watch before Halloween.  Going to knock a few of those out Saturday night while foam rolling + getting in a good stretch.



How are you spending your weekend?

Are you doing anything just for fun today?

How will you be celebrating Chocolate Day?


5 thoughts on “Just for Fun Friday — REDO!

  1. Family friend party tomorrow and family party on Sunday. 🙂 Aka yummy food! I’ve been watching this Korean drama as I recover from my gallbladder surgery. I’m on episode 13/52 so far and loving it!

          1. ? hello my twenties is on Netflix and the other two are on Viki! I just re-discovered Viki, they have free k-dramas but with commercials. I highly recommend Father is Strange!

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