Mondays, am I right?

Mondays, am I right?

Warm milk?

It’s finally cooling down here in NC!  YAY!

This morning was a chilly 35 degrees — and I WAS LOVING the snuggles!  I didn’t want to get up and get going, but I did because I knew I could rock some of my fall boots and scarves!


Somehow, I got it together and was headed out the door with my packed lunch and travel mug full of fresh hot coffee.  It wasn’t until I was well on my way to work that I started to sip on my travel mug — only to realize I had forgotten to put coffee grounds into the coffee filter.  I was sipping on warm almond milk with Splenda…

Had to pull through Bojangles for a $1.59 large coffee  — extra strong.  Not that I’m mad about it, this whole thing made me chuckle!


Here’s hoping your coffee was actually coffee this morning! 😀


Hit & Run?

Poor Hubby’s car was parked and all alone when someone backed into the driver’s side door (T-bone style) and dented the crap out of it.  No note.  No Insurance info.  NO NOTHING left at the scene.  If it wasn’t for the quick thinking of a witness and the wait staff at the restaurant we were at, we’d have to pay for these repairs ourselves.


Luckily, the waitstaff knew to call the Police — who interviewed the witness — and then got hubby from inside the restaurant.


We’re still waiting on the full Police report to file insurance — but MAN was hubby thankful to that witness!


Thank you to all who do the right thing!



Epic Weekend!

This weekend was amazing (besides the dented vehicle)!  We celebrated National Chocolate Day Saturday with some Chocolate Almond Pie and we even able to make it back home for a nap!

I love naps — and this weekend offered an Epic number of naps!  I had one on Saturday and TWO on Sunday!  (Because I got up super early).



How was your weekend?

Have you ever been involved in a hit & run?  

How did you celebrate National Chocolate Day?


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