Weigh in Wednesday — 11/1

Weigh in Wednesday — 11/1

Happy November everyone!

I’m happy to report that even though yesterday was Halloween, not a single piece of candy passed through my lips! WOO!

It really helped that we decided to not pass out any candy — which meant that we didn’t buy any.  No candy in the house means no candy in my mouth!

Candy is one of my trigger foods — once I eat a single piece (of junky candy) I just want more and more (I’m talking about you Milk Duds!)


Weigh in:

This week’s weigh in was another good one!



I’m going to continue eating from our family’s food list — planning menus from this list of foods that use several of the foods per meal.  I’m also going to continue working out and drinking water — lots of water.



Hubby and I have set our own milestones, but I love that this app lets me know how close I am!! 2.1 pounds to go and I’ll hit Milestone 5.


My own personal milestone is to hit 180 by our trip to Michigan for Christmas!



How are you with Trick or Treating?  Do you eat all the candy?

How was your weigh in this week?

What’s your next milestone and what are you doing to hit it?

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    1. The app I use to track my weight is called Happy Scale — it gives you a running average of weight… The more often you take your weight, the more accurate the predictions are too!

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