Just for Fun Friday! — 11/3

Just for Fun Friday! — 11/3

Happy November Everyone!!

Can you believe it’s already November? Before we know it, it’ll be time to put up the Christmas tree and hang the lights!!!

Chores for an hour?

Today, before having any fun, I plan to take an hour and just work on housework.  I want to clean the bedding to refresh the sheets, prep for dinner, sweep & mop & dust, and all the other things that haven’t been addressed yet this week.

This doesn’t seem like much fun, right?

But the way I see it, the sooner I get the chores done, the more fun I can have for the rest of the weekend!!  Too often, I’ll save chores for the weekend — hoping I’ll save time throughout the week — only to realize that then my weekend isn’t “free” for fun.  It’s “booked” because all the little chores (that would’ve taken 15 mins to an hour) built up into a huge pile of chores that end up taking up half my Saturday.

Friday night = self care!

For fun tonight, I plan to do a bit of self care.  I’ve already addressed the nail situation — a quick Manicure yesterday fixed me right up.

Other items on the list:

  • Dry Brushing + Bath time
  • At home Facial
  • Hair mask
  • DIY Pedicure (in the winter, I don’t worry about my toe nails so much, but I like to tend to my feet — to ensure there’s no dry or rough skin)

I may even have some tea (or hot cocoa) and read for a bit before going to bed early.  I love quiet nights at home.

Weekend Fun with Friends!

This weekend, hubby and I are hoping to meet up with some friends for a brunch/lunch and movie situation.  Maybe even some other fun sprinkled in afterwards! 😀

What movie should we see?

How do you incorporate self care into your week?


Are you a “chores on the weekend” or “chores all week long” type?

One thought on “Just for Fun Friday! — 11/3

  1. Write your chores down and feel the satisfaction of crossing off each one 😀 I’m very inconsistent with self-care and think your ritual sounds lovely. Light up a candle and enjoy yourself!

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