Running with Hubby?

Running with Hubby?

He’s supportive — but prefers to support from afar

I’ve been bugging my husband (constantly) for years now — I want him to run with me!


I started running back in 2011 as a way to get a grip on my health and to lose weight.  Once I ran my first 5k (Spring of 2012) I was hooked!  I wanted to keep pushing my limits.

“Can I run a 10K?” I asked myself — then I did it (March of 2013).

“Can I run a half?” I asked myself — then I did it! (September of 2015)

“Can I run a full marathon?” I asked myself — the I finally did it (October of 2016).


At each milestone, I’d badger hubby to run with me — but his answer was always the same… “nope”.

On the rare occasion he’d been pestered enough to lace up, he’d only make it a few runs into whatever my training was before he’d had enough.


He was always supportive though — ALWAYS.  He’d cheer me on and help me with whatever I needed.  This meant waking up some mornings to my 4:30 alarm or bringing me a refill of water or fuel somewhere miles and miles from home.  This also meant driving me to and from big races and staying the whole time to cheer me on!


He’s the most loving and supportive husband I could ever ask for — I just so badly wanted him to feel as accomplished as I felt after each race.  But it’s not about what I want — it’s about what he wanted.


What changed?

He’s still not a fan of running — but he’s a fan of Crossfit and being healthy enough to get off medication for things like blood pressure.  Since both high blood pressure and diabetes runs strong in his family (on both sides) he’s super at risk.  The longer he’s overweight, the more scary each check up at the doctor’s office is.  The time for getting fit and healthy is now!

At his most recent doctor’s visit — a simple flu shot and check up visit — the nurses noticed his blood pressure was a tad high.  He had to keep going back to get it checked and each time it was a bit high.  He’s already on a Beta Blocker for his heart, which has the side effect of lowering blood pressure, so the fact that it was still high was concerning.

The doc put him on meds — but a super low dosage with the specific understanding that he had to (1) continue exercising at least 3 times a week — yay Crossfit! and (2) incorporate sustained cardio for 25-30 minutes a few times a week (HELLO RUNNING!!!).


Now he’s considering training for a 5K, since 25-30 minutes boils down to over 2 miles anyway.

I’m encouraging this line of thinking!



If you’re a runner — tell me, how did you start running? 

What motivates you to keep lacing up and getting out there?

Do you have any scary health concerns in your family?

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