Tuesday’s Treats — Tiramisu!

Tuesday’s Treats — Tiramisu!

This week’s treat is homemade Tiramisu from the Abs Diet Cookbook!

Here’s the recipe:

All I did was follow the instructions — omitting the raw egg yolk (because I didn’t want to die of Salmonella) and the raw egg whites (instead I used whipped cream! YUM!)


It was AMAZING tasting!

Much better after a night or two — the longer it set, the yummier it became!


Other food type treats this week include:

  • Dove Dark Chocolate with Almond bites (I usually have 2 of these for dessert)
  • Sugar Free Mocha Coffee (I use the Hills Brothers powdered mix and have this as a treat!)
  • Windmill Almond Cookies (so good with tea!)
  • Homemade Popcorn and Ranch Powder (a go to)

Non-food treats for this week

I’m going to try to scatter treats throughout this week, since I have a pretty stressful meeting tonight.  Here are some non-food treats that I plan to include:

  • Knitting/Crocheting while watching some Netflix
  • Walking the doggie around the neighborhood
  • Crossfit Classes!!!  ~Working out is a total treat!
  • Open gym to work on my pullups and handstands
  • Updating and using my bullet journal
  • Actually journaling for a few minutes
  • Lighting a candle and sipping some coffee before anyone else in the house is awake!



How do you treat yourself on busy days or during busy weeks?

What’s your favorite Netflix show to watch while knitting?

Have you ever tried bullet journaling?  If so, how’d it go?

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