Thursday things—sweater weather!!

Thursday things—sweater weather!!


Thing #1 – Coffee Crush of the moment

Happy Thursday all!


I’m going to be more mindful of hydration today, mostly because it’s easy to forget to drink water when it’s colder out.  For some reason, hot days make me crave a huge glass of ice water — but cold days don’t.  In fact, if I’m cold and chilly, the last thing I want is a tall glass of cold water!  I’d much rather sip on some coffee (as I’m doing now) or tea or hot cocoa!


Some would argue that hydration is hydration, whether it’s water or tea.  I’m a fan of that thinking, but also know that water has 0 calories but my tea with Splenda or honey has more than 0… haha!

Sipping on water all day won’t add to my waistline, but too many lattes or sweetened teas could.


I need to become a fan of hot lemon water — but I just don’t like it… and it doesn’t like me.  Something about the hot and acid gives me a tummy ache!


I do have a current favorite drink — my coffee crush of the moment.  It’s just my normal brewed coffee with Splenda (with fiber) and then instead of creamer, I mix up some unsweetened vanilla almond milk with half a scoop of salted caramel protein powder.  It taste like a healthy for you vanilla latte!!  SO GOOD!

The best part — it’s 67 Calories, 11 g protein, 2 g fat, and 3 g carbs with a whole gram of fiber!



I have one of these in the morning and another as a mid-afternoon pick me up.



Thing #2 — Monthly Bucket List


My November Bucket List seems to be holding strong — and mostly not marked off.  I feel this is probably because it’s way too early for most of these items.  However, I am current on my thankful thought — as I’m recording one for each day this month.


Unlike those you’ll see elsewhere on the internet, I’m not going to post what I’m thankful for, but will instead share them with those closest to me — face to face — and anytime I mention them I’m going to give them a big hug! 😀


It’s my own little “thankful thought challenge” but totally unplugged.



Thing #3 — Surrounding myself with like minded people

It just really hit me this morning — how blessed I really am to have found a gym full of people that are all striving to be their best selves.  Last night was no exception — a small cluster of us started talking nutrition, something I could talk about forever.  I just kept nodding along and agreeing with the information being shared, because I had researched and learned similar things!

Even though everyone has to do what’s right for them, it’s nice to know that others are thinking about the same things I think about.  Does that make sense?



What are some things you’d like to share from your Thursday?

Do you have a group of like minded people you can relate to?

What’s your current “coffee crush” or drink of the moment?

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