Just for Fun — Strongman Saturday?

Just for Fun — Strongman Saturday?

Last Saturday — Strong man Saturday!

Our gym has open gym every Saturday morning, so as often as possible, hubby and I spend our Saturday mornings working out.  This past week was no different and quite often other gym members trickle in and we all work on stuff together… supporting each other along the way.

Hubby is competing in a strongman competition this year — as his fitness goal — and part of prep work means odd object training.  Our gym isn’t a strongman gym, but there are little hacks on how to convert barbells into “atlas stone like” odd objects.  That’s what hubby did and was able to move a 200lb-ish “atlas stone” onto a 22″ platform.  It was impressive — but challenging!

I was able to try to lift a much smaller version of this rigged atlas stone — a mere 100lbs but I did it!  Bruised the crap out of my forearms, but totally worth it!


Other events that we fiddled around with included heavy dumbbell single arm clean and press.  I could do 50lbs with each arm!  The left was harder than the right arm, but it was still bomb!


It was super fun to just get in and fool around with different movements!

This Saturday — Running Day!

This week’s open gym time will be spent recovering from the week’s heavy 1 rep max tests — we tested snatches, bench press, and squat clean.  I’m SUPER sore!

Running sounds like just the thing!


A friend and fellow gym goer wanted to do a 1 mile max effort time trial — and I told her last week that I’m game — I’m always game to check in!  Depending on how my body’s feeling, I might just do a 1 mile tempo run, instead of max effort, but we’ll see.


I’m considering doing 1 mile tempo, taking a few mins to walk and recover, then do another mile at race pace.  We’ll see how my legs and lungs feel…

Just for Fun?  But I’ve gotta get work done!

Saturday, after the gym, will be spent grading.  Our semester is winding down and projects are starting to trickle in — so I simply have to lock myself in my office and grade grade grade!  If I can get it all done Saturday, that’ll leave Sunday open for dinner and time with friends!  I’m hoping to help celebrate some birthdays!



How do you balance work and fun? 

What’s on the agenda for your weekend?

When’s the last time you had fun during your gym session?

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