It’s Monday and I stayed up way too late last night…

It’s Monday and I stayed up way too late last night…

I don’t know why I think I can operate on little to no sleep!  It always comes back to bite me and I can never make it work!

Now I’m walking around like a zombie — because we didn’t get home until 10:45pm last night!  By the time I had gotten ready for bed and turned out the light, it was 11:30.  With a 5:30 wakeup call, that’s no good for a busy Monday, like the one I have today.  To make matters worse, I kept waking up in the night — panicke


Taking stock of my reality:  My arms hurt from last week’s workout, my neck hurts like a slept wrong on it, my legs feel the fatigue of Saturday’s run, and my brain feels fuzzy due to too little sleep.


The whole week was kind of a wash with eating…

My feeling like absolute crud could be the result of too little sleep combined with too many treats all week.  It was a busy week:

  • Monday — Taco Bar at a party
  • Tuesday — Meeting in a Mexican restaurant
  • Wednesday — soup-fail meant take out for dinner
  • Saturday — furniture shopping all day meant out for lunch and dinner
  • Sunday — B day dinner for a friend’s bday

I had lots of fun last night — helping a friend celebrate their birthday with dinner and a movie.  We had Olive Garden and while I really wanted to indulge in a huge cheat meal, I knew I wanted popcorn and milk-duds at the theater, so I ordered one of the Lighter Side meals — which are still super high calorie/fat/sodium btw.



Limping along

Nothing helps me shake off the any negative Nelly thoughts, on days like today, than just buckling down and getting to work!  I’m all about putting on my big girl britches and moving on.  I made the choice to eat crazy all week.  I made the choice to stay up late at night — so I have to live with the consequences.

Remembering all my blessings also helps — and that’s so great and on theme for this month.


How do you shake off a day like this?

How much sleep do you need to feel normal?

What’s your go-to “back at it” tip?

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