New sofa!

New sofa!

This week’s treat is one for the whole family to enjoy — A new Sofa!!


Hubby and I have been making the hodge podge of furniture leftover from college work for the past 8 years.  None of it matched.  None of it was super high quality — except a bold blue suede couch that was purchased brand new 10 years ago — on clearance.  That couch’s frame broke about 5 years ago — and we’ve had it rigged to keep from sagging every since.


Needless to say, it was past time.


Most of our other furniture was all hand-me-downs from relatives, yard/garage sale finds, or gifts.  Picture the mix and match of

  • Bold blue suede sagging sofa
  • Black Wicker papasan chair from pier one (that used to be comfortable when I was in my 20’s)
  • Red bent over lounger (that used to recline but is now broken so it tilts slightly forward)
  • Old wooden coffee/end tables that aren’t the right size for the space
  • Old black square ottomans that are just too short for the sofa, but too high for the other furniture

Making due with this assortment for nearly a decade is enough…


What we wanted

Hubby wanted to be able to stretch out on whatever we got.  He pictured a reclining “captain’s chair” that would fit him comfortably.  His deal breakers were: weird fabric, hard arms (he prefers pillow topped arms for comfort) and anything too narrow for his hips.

I wanted a matching/coordinating set.  I like chaise lounges and sofas with ottomans.  I also liked sets of matching sofas/chairs or sofa/love seats.  My deal breakers were: leather (we have a dog, it’s not gonna work), hard to clean fabrics (light colors or weird textures), and anything that looks super tacky or too “hip” — I want this stuff to last for a while.

We both liked the idea of a grey or silver colored set.  We like the black, navy, and grey color scheme so anything along those lines would work for us and the rest of our stuff.


As far as needs — we new we needed enough comfortable seating that we’d actually use our living room.  Currently, there are day where we never go in there.  When we’re both home, it’s hard for us to sit comfortably in that space together.  We also wanted enough seating so that we could invite friends over and host our in-laws comfortably when they come to visit.  I didn’t want to have to sit on the floor — which is usually what happens.


The new plan and the new sofa

We plan on getting rid of almost all the furniture we currently have.  There’s too many pieces for our tiny 16.5 foot by 11.5 foot living room.  Instead, we’ll use the newly ordered reclining sectional sofa!


It was a total compromise – We both gave up something we wanted for a middle ground that seats more people (5 comfortably) and is a single purchase instead of many scattered un-matching pieces.  No captains chair for hubby and no chaise for me.  However, hubby still gets his reclining captains chair — as part of the sectional has a console, so there are two individual seats with cupholders between them and a storage area and both these seats recline.  I get my matching set — and we can even pick out a storage ottoman to use when there’s a bunch of folks over — it can either be a footrest when we can’t kick up the recliners OR extra seating, when pushed up against a wall.


The sectional we chose was a really good deal (we paid 48% of the original sticker price, free delivery and set up, taxes included in price).  There’s a 3-4 week wait, but that’s not an issue.  It gives us time to get rid of the old stuff, slowly… but we don’t know what to do with it all.  I’m not sure if we can donate such poorly kept furniture… or if anyone would want a well loved sofa that’s broken and stained.  I’m also not sure we should dump it all in the dumpster or leave it on the side of the curb.  It’s a good thing we don’t have to decide today!



When was the last time you purchased furniture?

Are you more of a living room set person or a mix and match-er?

If you had to choose between a chaise and a recliner, what would you pick?




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