Weigh in Wednesday — 11/15/2017

Weigh in Wednesday — 11/15/2017

This week’s weight was exactly the same as last week’s weight.


+0.0    but also  – 0.0


Am I surprised?  No — this week was full of weird meals, dinners out, parties, and indulgences.

Am I mad?  No!  Reflecting back on all the crazy eating we did, and the added stress of furniture shopping, I’m THANKFUL that I didn’t gain!


Re-evaluating and Adjusting

This last week has made me want to do all sorts of cheating!  I don’t know why I’m giving food the power to make me feel “good” or “bad” — when it doesn’t matter at the end of the day.  What matters is my ability to fuel myself to finish a workout and to finish my day.


Making sense of things and having realistic expectations is really key for me.  I have to look back and see a reason for a loss or gain.  I have to know that there’s something I can try or change or adopt to make things better for the next week.


Grace is also important.  I’m human and things happen.  Just like “good” and “bad” labels give too much power to foods, so does any kind of guilt.  Life is life — things happen.  Move on.



How did you do this week?

Do you weigh in each week?  If not, what works for you?

How often do you re-evaluate and adjust your eating habits?

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  1. Love your bit about “grace.” I haven’t night binged at all this week (this is huge!!) but I’ve been really bloated – I think it’s because I’m the only one in my house eating this Costco 6-pack of romaine lettuce. Thanks for posting these!

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