Thursday things

Thursday things

Thing #1 — Attack my Monthly Bucket List!


My plan for today is to check a few items off my November Bucket List.


We’ve already purchased the turkey and all the trimmings to celebrate Thanksgiving.  I’ve also managed to get a few plans together to make Apple pie and Cherry Pie (hubby’s pick).  Pie crusts are in the fridge and I just need a recipe for the fillings.


Espresso day will not be hard to celebrate either — so I’m focusing on Getting a Holiday Mani and Setting a Holiday table.  Check and Check




Thing #2 — Fix those nails!

As you can see by this picture — I’m in desperate need of of a mani.  More importantly a new gel nail polish color.  This pink glitter combo has been on for over two weeks!  I’m craving something darker and more holiday appropriate — I’m leaning towards Oxblood or something similar.


It’s finally cold enough in NC for Thing #3 — My Penguin Cup!

  Isn’t it cute?


This Penguin cup was a gift from a much loved former student.  It came filled with treats and with a really meaningful card.


It’s a ceramic double wall insulated cup that holds about 12 ounces and has a rubberized lid that’s completely reusable and washable.


I love this cup.


This is my go to at home cup when I have a lot of work to do — because it’ll keep the heat in my beverage for much longer than any normal cup.



It also reminds me of the work I am able to do as a teacher — touching lives of students that have unnamed struggles we don’t even know about until way after they graduate…




What are a few things from your Thursday?

If you were to get a Mani today — what color would you choose?

What’s your “go to” cup for coffee?


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