Everything’s fun when you’re sore…

Everything’s fun when you’re sore…

As this morning proved, everything is way more fun when you’re sore from a heavy-leg training week.  Walking is more fun.  Going up/down steps is more fun.  Sitting is more fun.


*Please note how I changed the word “painful” to “fun” — in the spirit of Thanksgiving and thankfulness, I acknowledge (with this switch) that I’m blessed to be able to go to a Crossfit gym and get good and sore!


Workouts that are responsible for my wobbly legs

Wednesday — 10 min AMRAP

  • 5 Toes to bar/knee raises
  • 8 walking dumbbell lunges (2 20# dumbbells)
  • 5 abmat situps
  • 8 walking dumbbell lunges (2 20# dumbbells)

This workout super hurt my quads and glutes… Super hurt!


Thursday — Partner Chipper (12 min time cap)

  • 100 single unders
  • 80 wall balls (10lb ball)
  • 60 box step overs (20″)
  • 40 Knee Raises
  • 20 Front Squats (65#)

The squats at the end nearly killed me… and I only had to do half!

Here are some actual fun things happening this Friday:

Date night

Hubby and I are planning a date night — which we were going to hold tonight, but due to soreness will have tomorrow night instead.  He’s going to take me to a fancy dinner and then a play or movie (depending).  Originally, I was leaning towards play, but now I’m considering the comfy seats in the theater and how thankful my sore bum would be… rather than the wooden chairs at the play…


Movies + Foam Rolling

As a “replacement” date night, we’re going to watch Netflix and foam roll.  Alternating between foam rolling and heating/cooling.   How romantic!  😀



It’s the first time we’re trying the recipe from our Abs Diet Cookbook — it’s the “Son of a Gun Stew” Jambalaya.

I put all the ingredients in the crock pot this morning except the rice and shrimp.  When I get home, I’ll toss in the rice.  Then 5 mins before serving I’ll toss in the shrimp.  Should be interesting!





What are you doing for fun today?

What workouts make you the sorest?

Have any recipes I should try?

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