First Monday after a crazy eating spell!

First Monday after a crazy eating spell!

What the heck happened?

I’ve been doing weight watchers Points Plus for the past 7 weeks — and I’ve noticed a startling trend.  Here’s what I saw:

Not a single week was “perfect” or on plan!  NOT ONE!

Mind you, my weight has still been trending downward — but each week I battled the binge!


I tracked everything I ate in both MyFitnessPal AND in my Bullet Journal (as a food log), and MFP shows that “on plan” is around 1200-1400 calories when I need closer to 1700.  This makes sense with how I was feeling (hungry) and what happened later in the week (binge/cheat) almost every week.


Let’s make some changes and see what we can live with… after all, the nutritionist wanted me to get off the “Calories roller coaster” and ditch the high calorie and low calorie day for a normal day-to-day total somewhere in the middle… we’re gonna try that this week.


New Battle Plan

I guess I should say, “new elements to my battle plan” — but here’s what I noticed:

  • When I’m stressed/anxious — I don’t eat.  Then, when the stressful event passes, I binge!
  • When I’m bored or feeling lazy — I just want to snack on all the junk
  • When there’s junk in the house, I’ll eat it instead of the more nutritious options that are also in the house.

To combat this, I’m going to being implementing a few techniques to replace these negative tendencies — I’ll try them for a few weeks to see if they work, reflect, and adjust if necessary.

  • When I’m stressed/anxious and can’t eat, use the anxious energy to cook a healthy and filling meal for when the stressful event passes.  With a meal at the ready, it’ll be easier to eat heartily but without wrecking my system with junk
  • When I’m bored or feeling lazy — start a project, read a book, or organize a “hot spot” in the apartment!
  • If there’s junk in the house, I’ll eat it — so don’t replace the junk that’s in the house AND find a way to have a treat per day (to avoid feelings of restriction)




What are my next steps?

I have that pig headed determination thing — where I’ve already dug my heels in and won’t let this whole “weight loss” thing go.  I just won’t.

This episode is a blip on the radar.  Not that I’m going to ignore it, but that I’m not going to let it define who I am or where I’m going.  Today is a new day, I’m going to track my foods, try to hit my macros within 10%, and crush my workout tonight.  Period.


This week is full of landmines — Thanksgiving, Friends-giving, Stress of Family/holidays — if I let them, they can totally derail me.  But I’m not going to let them!  I’ll just do the best I can each day and remind myself of my new battle plan!


What’s working for you right now?

What hasn’t worked for you in the past?

How do you experiment and adjust?

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  1. Love this… I battle with bingeing so often, it’s so frustrating. I actually gained 1 lb in the last couple of days haven’t binged. Oy vey. I love how you turned your realizations into action plans. We can do this!!!

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