Tuesday’s Treats — and an early morning!

Tuesday’s Treats — and an early morning!

This week is Thanksgiving week!!! So the food based treats are flowing!


Breakfast at a greasy spoon

Even though my break has technically begun, hubby’s hasn’t — but we had to get his car in for a estimate before the holidays kicked off for real.  That meant we had to wake up early and go one morning and today was that day.  We woke up super early and drove in for an estimate — only to be early and having to fill our time with something (of course I suggested breakfast).

We used our Yelp app and found a nearby hole in the wall that seemed super perfect — a local, non-chain, diner.  My very own Luke’s (yay Gilmore Girl’s reference).

I ordered half an egg white omelet with ham and cheese — it was bomb.  It came with hash browns and a biscuit, and they were both delicious.  Hubby ordered eggs and sausage and a side of one pancake — and when the pancake came, he was glad it was only one.  This thing was larger than a dinner plate!  I ate a few bites, he tried valiantly to eat the rest, but even with full tummies there was half a pancake left after all was said and done.

While we were eating, I looked around the 12 table little restaurant.  Two other tables were filled with older men.  One group clearly dressed for a day of work – ties, suits, etc… — the other, clearly dressed for a day off of work – camo, flannel, baseball caps.  It was clear this was the much beloved coffee club — older (maybe retired) men that get together and gab.  Hubby’s grandpa was a beloved member of his local coffee club.

It warmed my heart to see it.

After we ordered, a clearly homeless man walked in.  He waved at the two other tables and then sat down near us.  The waitress greeted him, as if she expected him, and mentioned that the cook was fixing him something right now.  I thought I must of mis-judge a clear regular.  This was my first time in this place, so maybe I had it wrong.  This guy was sitting right next to me and was friendly enough — didn’t smell or make noise or cause a fuss — so I silently scolded myself at the assumption.  The waitress brought him his breakfast and brought us ours — he ate and left.

That’s when hubby mentioned that he thought “that guy by us left without paying” — I shared what I had been mulling over.  All the pieces put together and a little inquiry — made us want to go back to this place again just for this fact:  they feed anyone who would otherwise go hungry!  I don’t know if they exchange it for work later in the week or something, but I thought it’s so nice!  Especially on a cold morning.  Especially this close to the holidays.


My heart was twice warmed this morning.


Apple Pie!


I made my first ever homemade pie!


This is our treat leading up to Thanksgiving.


As it was my first time, there are a few things I noticed that I would want to change for next time.  First, change the apples… the ones I used were fiji and didn’t have the right softness.  Second, use real sugar… I used Splenda and I’m sort of hoping real sugar would caramelize more and end in a better final product.  Third, I’d try to get that bottom crust crisp.  It’s a bit soggy and felt raw — but the directions didn’t say to pre-bake the bottom.  I think I will next time anyway.


I might even try pre-cooking the apples to soften them.  We’ll see.



Still delicious.  The outer crust edge is the absolute best!  Crisp and firm and yummy and flaky!


Colorful bullet journal spread


Though I don’t usually decorate my bullet journal — at all — I figured I’d add a bit of color just to jazz things up.


I had a Sunday morning in the office all to myself, so I dug out the coloring pencils and started doodling away.


I even made a cute little turkey doodle for Thanksgiving Day!




This is the way the week-at-a-glance page looked like before I added anything to it.


I took a moment and took pictures because I was so proud!


I even showed hubby and he smiled and giggled — it’s been a while since he’s seen me do anything artistic.


How are you treating yourself this week?

What are you thankful for?

How many naps do you plan to take this week?

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