WOD of the Week

WOD of the Week

In the spirit of Thanksgiving week — I’m not posting a weigh in.  Gonna enjoy the holiday and listen to my body, but without the stress of trying to make a specific weight.


Instead, I want to share the Workout of the Day (WOD) — that made my whole week.



5 rounds for time of:

  • 100 single unders
  • 25 air squats




Finished in 7:06!!!


I blazed through the single unders — I can get going so fast that I could really break up the air squats once my quads were burning.




The class before mine gave us some pointers that became super helpful along the way:

  • Don’t put down the rope — instead, hold it out front while doing air squats
  • Don’t go too fast on the air squats — you’ll go to shallow and that’s a no rep
  • Knees out!  I’m guilty of needing this reminder for all squats… pulling my knees out instead of letting them collapse


One tip I’d add is to shake out after the WOD.  I did an easy pace 400m run to “shake out” my quads and hammies and it was the best decision I made all night.  If I skipped this, my legs would be way more locked up right now.



What’s your favorite Workout?

How are you at jumping rope?

Do you have any tips for me for this type of workout?


Try it out and post your time below!

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