Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!


We’ll be having an early dinner today — and just having a snacky lunch before hand.  Traditionally, we have snacks and then a bigger feast at early dinner (around 5pm) then we have “seconds” around 7:30 or 8 if needed.  It’s a super awesome tradition of naptime in between helpings!


Our little family tradition is to do “Pajama Day” Thanksgiving — where we can wear chill clothes all day and never leave the comfort of our home.  We’ll face time with family in other states to simulate the shared meal experience, but otherwise it’ll be a very relaxing day.  We might read.  We might color.  We’ll definitely start watching some Christmas movies.  But other than that, there are no firm schedules or fixed agendas.  Just relaxing days off!



What are your plans for today?

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food?

When does your family eat?

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