Online shopping, avoiding crowds, and PJ’s for the win!

Online shopping, avoiding crowds, and PJ’s for the win!

Online Shopping

Something about snooping out the best deal is so fun for me.  Recently, we saved over 50% on a sofa that we were eyeing.  We also found really good deals on little items that need replacing — pet beds, dog gates, and throw pillows.  I shop clearance, wait for sales, and even use online coupon codes to make sure I save every penny.


This really helps when it comes to holidays — since Black Friday is notorious in retail.  Instead of fighting crowds and rushing from store to store to make sure to get my hands on the goods, I’m safe and sound at home — and I can see with the click of a button what’s in stock and what’s out of stock.


Avoiding Crowds

Depending on my mood, I’m super annoyed by crowds of people.  Sometimes, it’s fun to people watch and see what folks are interested in.  When I’m in these moods I’m usually not disappointed.  People wearing crazy outfits — who clearly rushed right out of the door — acting like crazy fools and getting “grabby” with merchandise.

This year, I’m not feeling the crowds.

Though we were invited out by several groups, I still wasn’t feeling it.  My back was tight from the workout Wednesday and the fact that I woke up and ran my own personal 5k Thanksgiving morning.  I still had cleaning up to do in the kitchen.  I was super stuffed from all the yumminess that we packed in at dinner.  I just wasn’t feeling it.

So we stayed in — and hubby took a turkey nap.  No one naps better than hubby!



The best part about online shopping and avoiding crowds is that I get to stay in PJ’s all day!  ALL DAY!

When my tummy is protruding out because of fullness, PJ pants are a total blessing!



How was your Thanksgiving?

Do you online shop or fight the crowds?

When was the last time you stayed in your PJ’s all day?

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