New Weight Watchers 2018 Flex (UK) or Freestyle (US)

New Weight Watchers 2018 Flex (UK) or Freestyle (US)

New Program for 2018?

After a little research, I’ve gathered that the newest Weight Watchers Program — WW Flex (UK) or WW Freestyle? (US) will be here for 2018.  The UK is already migrating to the newest system with a Nov 2017 start date, while we here in the US aren’t switching until December… or maybe even after the holidays.

So what’s new?


Let’s break it down:

Still Smartpoints, but fewer

Good news for those of you that purchased a scale or a WW calculator or any other SmartPoints specific items — no need to chuck them out.  The 2018 WW Flex/Freestyle will still use SmartPoints, but the daily allowance we’ll all get will be lower.  Some sources say 7-10 points lower with a new daily minimum of 23, down from 30.  It’s still based on you and your age/weight/height/activity level, so stay tuned for more specifics when we roll over here in the states.

The lower daily points allowance is due to the change in the SmartPoints of some foods — specifically having a new 0 points foods list.  That’s right, more foods are now zero points — including all those fruits and veggies from before and including some amazing options.

0 Points Food List

As in the past, all fresh fruit and fresh veggies are 0 points — along with an assorted list of condiments, spices, and seasonings.  New to this list for 2018 is a whole heap of lean protein!

  • Eggs! (*not just the whites!)
  • Boneless, skinless chicken breast
  • Boneless, skinless turkey breast
  • Plain Fat free Greek yogurt!!
  • Fish canned in water
  • Tofu
  • And more…

This is HUGE because now, you can build an entire meal on 0 points foods — grilled chicken with broccoli, Skinny Kimchi Jigae with Tofu, steamed fish with asparagus, … etc!

Here’s a more extensive list


This is super smart — because in the past you’d have to choose between a 4pt piece of chicken or a 4pt piece of cake.  Some days it was harder to choose the cake.  NOW, it’s a no brainer — you can have the chicken and the cake too, but you’ll probably be full from the chicken and only eat half the cake (which is the point).


Roll Over Points

Not only is it easier to make the “right” decision with the new list of 0 points foods, but you’ll have even more incentive to eat those lean proteins, fruits, and veggies == roll over points!  Up to 4 points per day can roll over into weeklies if you don’t use them.

While this isn’t always recommended, since the restrict/binge cycle is a problem, it’s a nice option for days you really want to take advantage of those 0 points proteins — or on weeks when you know you have a big event coming up *cough cough CHRISTMAS cough cough*



Calculating FitPoints is going to be a bit different.  Much of it depends on whether you wear an activity tracker, whether you want to swap, and whether you try to hit your weekly FitPoints target.

If you wear a fitness tracker, you can start earning FitPoints after the first 3,000 steps.  This is to account for the fact that a tracker will count every movement, from the time you wake until the time you sleep, even if they aren’t necessarily “active steps”.  If you don’t wear a fitness tracker, then you can calculate your FitPoints using a calculator like normal.

Swapping or not seems to be a question — but with the reformulated FitPoints they go One-for-One with Smartpoints… so you could use FitPoints for treats or on days when all that working out makes you crazy hungry.  Supposedly the new formulas are intended to go hand in hand.

This was one feature from PointsPlus that I LOVED that I really missed from SmartPoints.


Will I be switching?

I never made the switch to SmartPoints and instead stuck with my PointsPlus (when I wasn’t wandering through a variety of other tracking methods ^_^).  Between the lack of activity points and the higher points value on some of my favorite treats, I never saw the value in SmartPoints — until now!

really like the zero points foods list — as basically it encourages whole foods and lean proteins (akin to Paleo or whole 30 or the likes).  BUT THEN you can use your (albeit smaller) daily allowance of SmartPoints for things like carbs, fats, and treats!

It’s also so nice to have something new — right around the time when I really need it to pump myself up.


I’m going to try this new Weight Watchers Freestyle OR Weight Watchers Flex (still now 100% what they’ll end up calling it here in the US…) starting Monday — by using the SmartPoints calculator on my phone and a notebook for tracking.

  • I’ll start with a daily allowance of 23 –the program’s minimum, down from 30.
  • I’ll have a weekly allowance of 35 — lower than SmartPoints Recommends, but what I feel it should be to still hit my goals.
  • I’ll use the old way of calculating FitPoints until they update — but only swap a portion of them, as to not overdo it.


Sources:  here, Here, and here…




Have you heard that WW was making this switch?

What do you think about this new program overview?

Did I miss anything?  (If so, leave me a link — I’m always ready to learn!!)






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