Meal Plan Monday #1 — Week of 11/26 -12/2

Meal Plan Monday #1 — Week of 11/26 -12/2

Today makes week #1 of me trying the newest Weight Watchers Plan for 2018 — either Flex or Freestyle depending on where you live.  Technically, I weigh in on Saturdays so my weeks should start then, but it’s easier for me to plan from Sunday to Sunday — so that’s sort of what I’ve sketched out.

I have 15 weeks until my competition — and my eating needs to be dialed in and on point until then.  Having a deadline really helps me stay focused and keeps me from straying (like I did for the past few weeks… oops).


Meal Plan

Here’s the brain dump phase — of where I just jotted down all of my ideas for meals for the week and where I thought they’d fit.


Here’s the more polished view that starts today.

Notice that I have some meals I’m repeating several times — this is on purpose.  These “key meals” are part of my game plan — as a way to have some consistency starting right away week 1.


Key Meals this week:

For breakfasts, my key meals will be centered around either Oatfit Cinnamon roll or Eggs.  Oatfit is super easy to make in my office (just add hot water) and so it’s easy to pack and take with me to make once I’m at work.  Eggs are more filling but are better for days when I have more time — so they’ll be my Tuesday/Thursday morning staple.

For lunches, I’m going to have giant salads — I call them Big Ass Salads, something I picked up from somewhere (probably a Paleo blog or IIFYM space).  In any case, I’m basically going to take a ton of greens and veggies and add protein (chicken, eggs, fish) and then chick peas or black beans.  I’ll either eat them as is or with a low fat dressing — mostly I just toss with some red wine vinegar and call it good to go.

Dinners are different everyday, so you’ll see I just tried to make a variety for the week — so it’s not all poultry and not all beef either.  I even have a homemade pizza scheduled for a night when we’d like to load up with veg.

Potential Road Blocks:

This week, there are two potential road blocks that could derail my meal plan if I’m not careful:

  1. Work Holiday Social lunch — it’s a pot luck for the holidays so it’ll be loaded with rich foods and treats.  Gonna have to watch out for it!
  2. Saturday out all day — our gym has a bunch of members competing at a gym that’s over 2 hours away.  We want to go cheer them on, but it’ll mean leaving the house at 6 am and being gone all day.  If we don’t bring any snacks/food, we’ll have to eat on the road — which always has potential for danger.  Fast food, restaurants, and overeating.  You see I penciled in my plan – but it all depends on what happens throughout the day.


What’s on the menu for your family this week?

Have you heard about the new WW Flex/Freestyle?

What’s your favorite 0 point food?

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