December Bucket List

December Bucket List

Seasonal Living Update


November’s list is almost complete!  I still haven’t decorated for Christmas, but that’s because we’re waiting for the new couch to be delivered.  Everything else was amazing!  I’ve really enjoyed having a set list of fun-tivities for hubby and I to do with friends/family!


December Bucket List

  • Holiday Glittery Mani!
  • Rock Red Lips!
  • Create a Christmas Playlist
  • Make a Gingerbread House!
  • Gingerbread day — Dec 12th
  • Cupcake Day — Dec 15th
  • Bake & Share Christmas Cookies/Treats
  • Celebrate Christmas Day — Dec 25th
  • Party on New Year’s Eve — Dec 31st
  • Epic Christmas Movie List


What are your “must do” items for December?

Do you rock a holiday mani?  A red lip?

Cupcake Day or Gingerbread Day?

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