Weigh in Wednesday — 12/6/17

Weigh in Wednesday — 12/6/17

This week’s Weigh in — 189.0!    AHH!

I had stepped on the scale the other day and was still reeling from that 195 flashing on the scale.  Last Saturday I was 192.6 (up from 189.4 just a few weeks ago).


What went well this week?

This week, we stuck mostly to the meal plan and I used the new Weight Watchers Flex/Freestyle!

Packing my lunches for work was a really good idea — and the Big Ass Salads for lunch were super filling and ZERO points!  I recommend using leftover taco/fajita meat + salsa as your dressing.  SO GOOD!


What can I improve for next week?

  • Weekend binge — Saturday I was off the rails.  I knew it would be an obstacle, since we were going to be outside the house all day at a gym competition.  I ended up snacking on healthy snacks before having a ton of Starbucks and then a dinner of a cheesesteak and fries.  It was not great, but could’ve been worse.  The problem was that the crazy eating didn’t end there — Sunday was nuts too!
  • Emotional eating — there was a flair up of some emotional family drama that spiked yesterday mid-day.  It resulted in a mindless eating-till-you-can’t-feel-anything phase.  I didn’t snap out of it until later in the evening but was proud that I fixed a healthy Turkey Chili for dinner to get back on track

This Girl STILL has Goals!

My long term plan is to use weight watchers (new SmartPoints 2018) to get to my goal weight of 150.

As a timeline, I’m still using the mini goal of losing 5 pounds per month (just around a pound per week).

By March’s competition time, I aim to be right around 175.


Week #14’s Mini Goals:

#1.  Lose 1 pound — Usually, the first few weeks’ weight loss is easier than the last few weeks.  I’m hoping all this weight is due to excess sodium and sugary sweets

How?  Still sticking to the new WW Freestyle plan


#2.  Grip Strength

How?  Static hang (15 – 30 s) before or after workout 2 times this week.



How did you do this week?

Do you weigh in each week?  If not, what works for you?

How often do you re-evaluate and adjust your eating habits?

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