Thursday things — I hate the Gyno

Thursday things — I hate the Gyno

Okay ladies– you know you’re with me on this.

I hate going to the gynecologist.

I know it’s the healthy thing to do — so I go every single year for my annual check up.

But I hate it. Almost as much as I hate the dentist.

Why do I hate it?

First, they make you walk in and jump in a scale in front of all the other nurses. Oh my. 195.8 today with clothes and breakfast and stress and ugh.

Second, they prick your finger to test for iron and blood sugar. It’s like getting slapped with a razor edged rubber band.

Then, they make you strip down and wait for the doctor under a napkin. I’m just lucky I wore socks because it’s freezing today.

As a bonus, you get to stare at the various instruments of torture while you anxiously wait for the doc — nothing like the feeling of being scraped and prodded 🙁


My actual doctor is a total gem — she’s nice and understanding.  Totally patient and sweet.  She’s old enough to be my mom, which also helps — it’s not like a peer staring into my nether-region.


The doctor visit went well — healthy and ready to avoid going back for another year.  LOL!


What else is going on today?

It’s time to decorate for Christmas!  I’m finally able to put up the tree and add a few touches around the house because our sofa was delivered.  YAY!



What are you doing today?

Do you have a doctor that you hate having to visit?

Do you hate waiting under the napkin/blanket thing too!!?



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