no Fun for me this Friday!

no Fun for me this Friday!

That’s right, no fun for me today.  It’s Friday and I should be thinking about how much fun I’m going to have tonight and this weekend!  Instead, I’ll be stuck at work until 9pm.




I’m actually not even mad, I have so much work to do that it’ll be nice to have office time to finish things up.  It’s cold, it’s rainy, and there’s not much going on — so why not finish work up tonight so that later I can play and have fun?


Weekends are for Workouts!

This weekend, Hubby has made plans for working out and then working out!  LOL!

He wants to hit up Crossfit in the morning and then grab a quick lunch before hitting up a strongman gym in the afternoon.  I’m curious to see how things will play out!




What are you doing for fun today?
Do you workout on weekends too?
What time do you usually leave work?

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