Meal Plan Monday & A Challenge for this week!

Meal Plan Monday & A Challenge for this week!

It’s Monday!   It really doesn’t feel like it because starting today, I’m working from home — for the holidays!

Final exams are given and scored.  Averages have been tabulated.  Final Grades have been issued.  It’s time for this prof to recline and relax.

I’ll enjoy being a total sloth-hermit hybrid for the next few days… and then I’ll start prepping for our holiday travels!

Meal Plan this week:

Challenge — Photograph my meals!

My plan is to double down the whole integrity/accountability by photographing my meals and snacks — especially when I’m ashamed of what I’m putting in my mouth.  My theory — if I’m too ashamed to photograph and share it, then I shouldn’t be eating it!

Here are photos of my meals so far today:

  1.  Breakfast:  Apple + Oatfit + Peanut butter and my normal cup of coffee with a splash of milk and splenda.
  2.  Snack:  cuties and coffee followed immediately by lunch — the cuties got cut off in the pic, but you can see the coffee below:
  3. Lunch: Leftover Korean (kimchi cooked with chicken broth in the crockpot with beef for an easy kimchi jigae), rice, seaweed, and more coffee.  I even added a package of “miracle noodles” and I’m TOTALLY having them again!  They’re amazing!

For dinner, we’re going to have this Turkey Sausage + Mushroom Barley Risotto.  It’s cold today, so this should feel cozy and warming — and it tastes bomb.

What are you eating this week?

Have you ever done a photo-challenge before?  Tell me about it!

How do you hold yourself accountable for your health/habits/other?

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